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Happy Friday Happeners! I hope your week has been as graceful as mine. I took some downtime to just relax and do nothing that was necessarily required. Am I wrong for that? Nope, I think NOT. Yes, it does sound easier than it really is, resisting the urge to do things takes willpower. It's quite alright to do so every now and then. Too much busyness can be counterproductive. We don't realise how much "doing nothing" can be very effective. My best creative thoughts spark usually when I'm in the bed or on the couch winding down. So I say go for it and don't regret it.

Earrings & Purse - Encore Boutique (ATL, GA)

This festive #outfitoftheday look is spot-lighting two pieces. The velvet off-the-shoulder top (which most don't typically consider wearing velvet since it is a very seasonal item) and a pleated skirt. The pleated skirt is a perfect easy, breezy, classic piece for every season. The lightweight fabric adds volume with movement and a twist of detailing to your overall look. You can style your pleats many ways, dress it up or down if you want an edgier look. Pleated skirts come in several lengths. I chose the mini to elongate my legs.

These colors harmonize very well and are consider as color-blocking.

Flower Child Vibes

Photos taken by D. Stewy


Happy thoughts & many blessings,

Che Che

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