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Happy Hump Day! Have you ever had a day when you don't feel up to doing pretty much anything? But you can't checkout that easily because...TAG, your it for getting the job done. ME ME ME.... Well I had one this past weekend and the rainy weather didn't help me feel any better. For moments like so you should find your motivation in your purpose, goals and the people who expect you to deliver including self of course. On laid back days I prefer a stylish street look to fit my mood for that day. Urban style is a great way to go whether you're going for a super comfortable or a fun and expressive look. This #ootd could also be worn with sneakers if you don't feel like committing to high heels.

Jumpsuits are very playful, they can be accessorized and paired with other items easily to set a style tone. Depending on the style of jumpsuit you are wearing you can add layering or statement pieces with Jackets, kimonos, jewelry, belts and hats.

So choose which matches well and helps highlight your jumpsuit.

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