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What's happening guys? I would like to share one of my style secrets with you today. This is for the divas who are all about not following the norms of what a woman should wear. First of all, I must confess that I have several male pieces of clothing (Yes, I really do) that I personally purchased to add flavor to my wardrobe. What can I say...I get bored easily and like to explore, but I have always been an advocate for shopping the men's department. My style is very diverse mainly because I don't discriminate with fashion. I just like what I like! This featured #ootd look (tomboy glam) exudes a powerful energy of confidence with a touch of femininity. To achieve this look with ease you only need a balance of accessible items. Mix and match girly with menswear to make the outfit your own, options are limitless. If possible you can even borrow from your male significant other. Most men find that to be sexy! The sphere of fashion is filled with endless varieties of style, that are very similar to the different genres of music. The sound is like your style of delivery and how you represent YOU. So explore to find who you really are and what your personality consists of...

Outfit Details

button-down shirt - Burlington (Men's Department)

Trousers - Thrift Store

Ankle booties - Shoe Dazzle

Purse - Madden Girl

Marble Shades - TJMaxx

Shout out to The Loft, located Uptown Columbus, Georgia for allowing me to use their location to create my vision. If you're looking for a spot with great food and entertainment be sure to visit their website and visit them soon.

You don't have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step. Have FAITH!

Believe in YOU!

Grab life by the horns and go for it all.

Majority of photos taken by D Stewy.

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