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This #ValentinesDay featured outfit is my favorite combo (red & pink) of this lookbook that play off each other very well. Red naturally relates to #love but there are so many other classic shades that will highlight your beauty and put that spotlight on you for this special day.


Top - Burlington

Skirt - H&M

Shoes -Burlington (Madden Girl)


I know it was previously mentioned on my meet me page, but if you just so happen to not read it yet well just know that magazines truly impacted my dreams and passion as lil NeNe (yeah that's my childhood name) in such awe with unlimited versions of style. I pretty much visually and mentally absorbed every image. As a young adult I developed a hobby. Purchasing hair & beauty magazines use to be an endless hobby for me years ago. Surprisingly not such a thing for me (or my pockets) anymore since the internet has a wide range of unlimited resources, I can pretty much search for a lifetime and find inspiration anywhere.


Top - H&M

Pants - TJ Maxx

Booties - Shoe Dazzle

Hair Details

A few days old wash-n-go hair pulled up in to a top knot style, decorated with a stylish gold string wrapped around the bun. For extra pizzazz I left out a small section of hair framing my face. Because my hair is not short enough to leave it as bangs so I created a middle part.


I'm sure we don't have to debate on why black is the most popular go-to color for fashion. It's classified as a safe color but never boring. As seen in this look, many textures and details gives any outfit extra flair.


Dress - ROSS

Top - Burlington

Shoes - Burlington (Madden Girl)

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