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I had the hardest time trying to decide on what to wear (the question I'm sure many can relate to when you're not prepared for an outing) for a birthday outing last night. I haven't been out to a club scenery in a while and not to add this would be somewhere I've never been before. I knew absolutely one thing , which was I wanted to feel good, be comfortable and look super cute in my red thigh high boots I recently purchased from Shoe Dazzle. Now that isn't too much to ask for or is it? So being it's still winter season, in the middle of February but it happens to feel RIDICULOUSLY like the tail end of spring was the main reason I was so indecisive about what to wear. You never know what the weather mood will be living in the South. Needless to say the day started out very warm but the temperature dropped just in enough time for me to step out in my RED-LICIOUS boots with matching lips and handbag.

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