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Pause & Recharge (Distressed Denim)

Nothing like a good ole timeout from whatever it is you need a break from... (and indulge in a relaxing staycation or exciting vacay) to take care of you. I wish I was somewhere exotic right now. Unfortunately, a few of my traveling plans have been cancelled for this year. I'm sure we're all looking forward to the day we will be over this 2020 hump! Truthfully, nothing really has to be going may just feel disoriented by your thoughts or surroundings. Knowing when to ground yourself is a necessity to your mental and spiritual health. Yes, it conditions us emotionally and physically, which impacts how we function and react to life situations... So don't feel guilty if you have to just pause for however long you need to recharge, realign, refocus on what really matters. Recenter yourself by eliminating distractions, negativity, any excuses blocking you from bettering you and planning accordingly. 

It's your responsibility to make sure you are okay! Remember every day wont be a great, good or happy day, but happiness begins with how you're feeling about yourself and the life you are creating.

All Photography by Amir Leon

Jeans featured with outfit - Cello Jeans

They say nothing lasts forever. People change, trends come and go, but never lose yourself to anything or anyone.

#lifeistooshort #takechances #noregrets #letitflow #letitgo #peacebewithyou #CheCheHappens

Here are a few other ways to style distressed jeans.

Happy Thoughts & Many Blessings!


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