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Che Che Styles

Where fashion lives and you create magic of your own. Represents artsy, eclectic individuality and freedom to be you.

J & J Productions Talent Showcase + Fashion Show

Videographer | Jeremy Jenkins

Happy Sunday peeps,

Where shall I start? So much to say about such a milestone I've accomplished with conquering one of my fears. Being able to inspire or lead others to do the very thing at one point in time you thought you couldn't do, is such an awarding challenge anyone can achieve. I had to face the real reasons, my excuses I leaned on for comfortable and not pushing myself to the next potential level. Well a few weeks back was the debut of my very first Fashion Stylist (Che Che Styles) showcase. Because I had taken on the roles as Creative Director and Model Coach, I was so focused on making sure everything else fell in place...but missing one major key to really appreciating the process. Gratefully I have some amazing friends/supporters but one in particular to stop me in my tracks and shine the light on what was happening at that very moment. I was well alert of my surrounding and I knew what was taking place but just going in motion (flowing) and not allowing that special moment of time to really soak in.

I've learned living out your dreams (passion) can be a very emotional journey and that's the difference between just living vs living with passion and purpose. Each step no matter how small or big it is, has meaning and fulfillment to it. Which leads to something even more amazing. We have to learn how to appreciate it all! The good, bad, and ugly; if it's really what YOU want.

Makeup Artist & Master Stylist at Percisions Hair Care Atlanta, GA

Lamisha Hines

Runway Photography by Brandon B'Lystic Lee

Happy thoughts & many blessings!

XO, Che Che

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