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Hello sunshines!

I hope your Friday Eve is flowing just as good as mine. This shoot originally started out as a blog shoot but midway I transformed into model mode and felt inspired by the scenery. Zooming through the unedited shots I was instantly convinced (this is bigger and beyond fashion) I have a story to tell. So that's pretty much how I created the title for this post.

Have you ever at some point in your life, stopped to think why are you not living the life you desire? We're all looking for ways to flourish in life. Some may do so more than others, but it's healthy to think in such a way. Whether it's to succeed, to grow, or just simply being happy with your life. Most of the time the answer is you're probably holding yourself back. I can honestly say I am truthfully guilty of allowing my fears to have power over my decisions. If you are an overthinker, as I am, you will understand how one can allow negative thoughts/outcomes hinder their choices. We begin by making excuses one after the other or become comfortable with how our lives are at that moment of time.

Looking nice can boost your confidence. Well learning how to "dress up your life" by replacing your negative thoughts with a happy outcome is one way that will help you reach your desires. Your mind is the most powerful tool you possess. Happiness starts within, how you feel inside will reflect on the outside. It's your mind, talents, joy, and creativity you bring to your life and others you love that creates consistent quality in life.

Be who you are. Believe in yourself. Know you are in control of your happiness.

Let your courage to be truly happy flow freely, flourish and live your best life.

Life is what you make it. Be a fountain, not a drain.


Printed Dress || Jessica Simpson

Earrings || Ross

Necklace || Burlington

Love your life. Seize the great moments and grow from all experiences.

Photography by DStewy

Happy thoughts and many blessings!

Che Che

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