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Happy Saturday!

As summer slowly approaches, we look forward to showing off more skin and wearing vibrant colors. Bold stripe trend is taking over the season and like myself most opt for a simple chic go-to style. Not only stripes but patterns have become a common neutral fashion staple as well. You can pull off solid shoes and accessories with any type of pattern. I'm pretty sure this trend will stick around for a few seasons. Even if it doesn't you can wear it whenever and however you want (seems to be my one and only fashion motto) if it makes you happy. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

The less you care about what others think of you, the better you'll become. Align yourself accordingly to your beliefs and values...stand strong in order to elevate to your next level.

Multicolor stripe dress - TJ Maxx

Photography: DStewy

Happy thoughts & many blessings!

Che Che

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