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Black and white are classic colors for closet staples. I just so happen to have it out for them both, together. Well I'm not sure when this obsession started but its safe to say it's one of my go-to wardrobe staples. Especially since I have a variety of pieces, along with shoes that I recently added to my clothing rack to not only give my closet some workable space but also compliment my freshly redecorated #GlamRoom.

Outfit Details

Top/Pants/Shoes - Forever 21

Outfit Details

Top - Forever 21

Booties - Forever 21

Purse - Thrift Store

Outfit Details

Top - Ross

Skirt - Forever 21

Shoes - TJ Maxx

Outfit Details

Top - Burlington

Pants - Target

Shoes - TJ Maxx

Purse - Ross

You can watch this #lookbook video on my YouTube channel. Please let me know if you like any of the fits and subscribe if you want to see more of Che Che style.




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