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Happy Tuesday guys!

Well I'm finally getting around to posting my August events. Earlier this month I had the pleasure to be a live demo hair model at the Bronner Brothers International 2018 show in Atlanta, GA. I am grateful for the opportunity to once again work with Tiffany Miller, (CEO of HER GLORY + PURE HAIR CARE PRODUCTS) any opportunity presented. She's very professional and passionate about anything she's involved with. It makes the role I play easier and rewarding (more like fun than work). That's the plus side to loving what you do and collaborating with dope individuals. Also, It was nice to witness her Bronner Bros. debut as a business owner of PURE by HG haircare.

When I first began my modeling journey in 2010, Bronner Bros. was one my first major experiences so it was great to revisit old stomping grounds. It's such an highly energetic atmosphere filled with hair and beauty exposure. The hair and beauty industry is steadily growing so there's always massive participation at their shows. This is a great event to attend if you have a profession in the beauty field, or a product junkie or looking for new professional hair tools...

I left with an amazing silky blowout thanks to the guest Stylist Raymond Torregano III.

All PURE products were used to achieve my finished look. As a natural who dearly loves rocking my naturalness more so than straight hair, it can be a nervous experience when you go from coily to straight. You are first concern if your hair will be able to revert back after all the heat is applied. Luckily, I had an great experienced stylist that I knew I could trust with my hair. I suggest you do your research before selecting a Salon/Stylist that specializes in all natural hair types. Since I've been natural for a while, I've explored and learned enough to know what is good and bad for my hair type. My grade of hair is very fine and recently bleached for desired color. Therefore, I have to be extremely cautious with the care of my hair to continue on a #healthyhair journey. PURE products are created with natural ingredients, which are amazing for hair restoration and promoting growth.







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Crochet Swimsuit | Encore Fashion

Happy Monday lovelies!

It's been a few weeks since I've been back on American soil from my week long vacation in the Dominican Republic. Well I'm sort of back at it. At first I was struggling to get on track with normalcy, being it was my first time out of the country for an extended period of time. I must say it was an absolute unique experience to be pushed out of my comfort zone. Just months ago I kicked off my first airplane trip and here I am traveling internationally. Yo girl is finally broaden her horizons! Yes indeed, I'm learning so much more about myself and the world around me.

The more traveling you do, the more you're exposed to new cultures and different perspectives of life. It can be wildly fulfilling depending on why you choose your destination and who will accompany you. Both are major factors on your journey of adventure. It's all about creating and collecting as many great memories as you can.

I enjoyed my week long all inclusive stay at the Hotel Riu Republica in Punta Cana. The service was great and we had many dining options throughout the resort each day/night. The beach view was incredible and overall everything was breathtaking. I'm so thankful for having the opportunity to travel more this year than ever...so ready to plot my next adventure.

Until next time...I hope you enjoy the pics!

Top | Encore Fashion

Skirt | Ross

Eyewear | Mack Couture

Shoes | Go Jane

Clear Brim Visor Hat | Target

Swimsuit | Target

Puma Holographic Slides | Underground Station

Button Up Top | Burlington

Button Up Track Pants | ViVi Boutique

Sleeveless Romper | H & M

Swimsuit | Target

Dress | H & M

Romper | Vivi Boutique

Body Suit Top | Vivi Boutique

Shorts | TJ Maxx

Happy thoughts & many blessings!!!

Che Che

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  • Chenise

Happy Friday Everyone!

Now that summer is finally here (officially arrived yesterday) I've never been so ready to travel to a tropical destination and escape this heat wave. It's a good thing transitioning your wardrobe from spring to summer is easy sailing. So I'm screaming COLOR and more COLOR! LOL

I've noticed when it's sunny/warmer weather most tend to be merrier and more upbeat. Yes, I do believe the weather can play a major role with your mood. I.E. When it's a colder climate some people seem to get depressed and lose energy. Just my observation but it may not apply to you.

I'm curious to know, how do you get through your bad days/trials in life?

We don't always get what we want or the outcome we expect. So how does one prepare themselves and handle disappointments? We all experience bad, good and even amazing days. I think if we could choose...most if not all would eliminate the bad altogether. Then life would be much easier and perfect, right? How would we grow and appreciate the good out of life?! Hmmm...

Life is a journey of ups and downs. I do believe based on the choices we make, most things happen for a reason (we may not always be in know of it or even understand why) so tread carefully with your decisions. There are times when we get tired and feel defeated, but if you change the way you respond to and your way of handling situations it will make a world of a difference. It seems very simply and it can be; just requires thinking before reacting. Don't worry about the things you do not have control over.

Basically, shit happens and we have endless of opportunities to learn and grow. It's all up to YOU! So, instead of concentrating on what you don't have, be thankful for what you have right now. Turn your negative circumstances into a positive learning experiences. Look on the brighter side, keep going on no matter what, and stay focused on the positive.

I hope you like this post. I could've went a little more in depth with this topic, but I didn't want to make this a religious post or offend anyone. I know everyone have their own religious and spiritual beliefs. I'm not here to judge anyone or direct light on what's right or wrong. So I did my best with getting straight to the point and just trying to relate to everyday life.

Thanks for stopping by and don't be a stranger! Please subscribe and comment. I would love to hear your thoughts.

Che Che

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Multi-Color Top|ViVi Boutique

Wide Leg Pants|ViVi Boutique

Shoes|Shoe Dazzle

Photography by DStewy

Happy thoughts & many blessings to you!

Che Che

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