Nothing like a good ole timeout from whatever it is you need a break from... (and indulge in a relaxing staycation or exciting vacay) to take care of you. I wish I was somewhere exotic right now. Unfortunately, a few of my traveling plans have been cancelled for this year. I'm sure we're all looking forward to the day we will be over this 2020 hump! Truthfully, nothing really has to be going may just feel disoriented by your thoughts or surroundings. Knowing when to ground yourself is a necessity to your mental and spiritual health. Yes, it conditions us emotionally and physically, which impacts how we function and react to life situations... So don't feel guilty if you have to just pause for however long you need to recharge, realign, refocus on what really matters. Recenter yourself by eliminating distractions, negativity, any excuses blocking you from bettering you and planning accordingly. 

It's your responsibility to make sure you are okay! Remember every day wont be a great, good or happy day, but happiness begins with how you're feeling about yourself and the life you are creating.

All Photography by Amir Leon

Jeans featured with outfit - Cello Jeans

They say nothing lasts forever. People change, trends come and go, but never lose yourself to anything or anyone.

#lifeistooshort #takechances #noregrets #letitflow #letitgo #peacebewithyou #CheCheHappens

Here are a few other ways to style distressed jeans.

Happy Thoughts & Many Blessings!


  • Chenise

Hello there! It's been a while since I've posted on here and to be honest I'm not even sure if it's even a good time to start back. So much is going on worldwide and I'm sure many can relate, 2020 has brought on some very life changing situations. Nevertheless, I'm extremely saddened by our economy crisis, but at the same time thrilled to see some positive results in the making. While its vital to be fully present, especially in these trying times, its also necessary to your mental health to continue to enjoy the best moments of your life that are still happening for you. I know times seem rather difficult and overwhelming with bad news, abnormality and unfairness... Really some factors will never be completely eliminated.

My words/thoughts may not mean much, but hopefully you and me continuing to shine light and love on ourselves and others it will help us all get to a better place.

Let your smile change the world, but don't let the world change your smile.

- Connor Franta

Fat Boys Produce

4794 Veterans Pkwy

A big thank you to Larry at Fat Boys Produce for allowing me to utilize their gorgeous market during operating hours to bring this editorial shoot into play! The staff was very welcoming and even offered assistance. That type of energy is what I expect when I visit any place of business. Also, being this was my first time working with Photographer, Steven Vinson, their attitudes made me feel very comfortable and it was much easier to focus on producing the story through the lens.

Featured two piece set & Belt - Gianni Bini (Dillards)

Check out this short clip on some action that took place behind the scenes. If you would like to take a peek at our recent work and see what's next for us click on the links below and be sure to follow.

Thanks in advance!

Chenise Peterson @chechemodeling @nisedione

Focus One Media @ focus_one_media

All Photography by Focus 1 Media

I'm glad Steven and I linked up for this shoot. We briefly discussed my ideas for the shoot the day before the actual shoot took place and he quickly grasped everything I envisioned. I couldn't have asked for more, sometimes it's hard to get what you want across to the photographer or vice versa if you're not familiar with how each other works. Typically, the model just shows up and is given direction...well since I am also the creative director I feel I have more of a challenge/responsibility with providing major input. Steven is was very professional and easy going. Most importantly, he seems naturally passionate about his craft and produces A1 quality photos. Glad to add him to my list of talents I've collaborated with.

Romper - H & M

Shoes - Gianni Bini

To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.

Audrey Hepburn

Like a lotus flower in full bloom, let the beauty of your heart speak.

Savor life, don't just breathe it in, exhale the moment to intake the next.



  • Chenise

There's a little weird inside us all, it's just that some are better at hiding it. Don't be afraid to leave a little sparkle wherever you go. #createyourfairytale #normalisboring #CheCheHappens

❤️Styling Deets❤️ Dress: Free People Shoes: Gianni Bini

❤️Production Team❤️ Model & Stylist: Chenise Peterson @nisedione

Makeup: Jillian Quartimon @jazzyjill

Videographer & Photographer: Amir Leon @amirleonimages

Film Edited by: Chenise Peterson


MAKEUP | Jillian Quartimon



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