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Happy Friday Eve!

I know everyone is amped for the weekend shortly approaching, but I just wanted to drop a little motivational nudge. Hopefully, to help push you through the remainder of this year/season you are in. Especially, to the underdogs whom may believe they are all alone. I feel and see ya still getting things done.

So, whoever said you can't do what you want without having access to major resources, mainstream connects, or even be a popular demand?! It doesn't matter who planted that ridiculous thought, but it's up to you to dismiss it and never doubt your endless capabilities.

Yes, do what you can until you can do what you want. That's the attitude that'll keep you going and happy until/when you reach every milestone. So, keep pushing no matter how much further you may think you have to go. No matter whom you may think doesn't recognize, acknowledge, or respect your goals... It ain't about them, it's about you. Nobody knows how much you want it more than you.

In reference to the title, "Don't Let Darkness Live Within Your Light", dives deeper into the darkness disguised as lack of knowledge and resources, others who don't understand your vision or believe in you, roadblocks you've stumbled across along your way.... The list of reasons to give up or life situations interfering with your desires could go on and on. Just remember if the vision was given to you, then you hold the light within to find a way to make it happen. Only you can stop you!

~ Che Che

Photographer | Steve Vinson of Focus One Media

Top + Joggers: She Boutique

Shoes: Akira

Happy Thoughts & Many Blessings


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Hello to this lovely time of the year with warm colors, cozy weather, crunchy leaves, pumpkin vibes, and traditions of autumn rituals. Welcome October! Let's set the mood right by focusing on things in life that we have an influence on.

You naturally want the best to happen to you, but are you ready to receive it? The beauty of hope is wrapped around us expecting what (we think) is best for us will happen, which is not quite how it always goes down. You have to believe and master how to take the same advantage of your downfalls/setbacks as you do your triumphs. Face it, shit happens... why drown in guilt, hurt, heartache, pain and loss...when you still have time to LIVE. That means do whatever makes you and the ones you care for happy. One day at a time, give it your best shot.

What are you looking forward to this season?

DRESS - She Boutique

Photography by Focus 1 Media

Peace, love and all that good shit is received when you are ready.

Happy Thoughts & Many Blessings

Che Che

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Nothing like a good ole timeout from whatever it is you need a break from... (and indulge in a relaxing staycation or exciting vacay) to take care of you. I wish I was somewhere exotic right now. Unfortunately, a few of my traveling plans have been cancelled for this year. I'm sure we're all looking forward to the day we will be over this 2020 hump! Truthfully, nothing really has to be going may just feel disoriented by your thoughts or surroundings. Knowing when to ground yourself is a necessity to your mental and spiritual health. Yes, it conditions us emotionally and physically, which impacts how we function and react to life situations... So don't feel guilty if you have to just pause for however long you need to recharge, realign, refocus on what really matters. Recenter yourself by eliminating distractions, negativity, any excuses blocking you from bettering you and planning accordingly. 

It's your responsibility to make sure you are okay! Remember every day wont be a great, good or happy day, but happiness begins with how you're feeling about yourself and the life you are creating.

All Photography by Amir Leon

Jeans featured with outfit - Cello Jeans

They say nothing lasts forever. People change, trends come and go, but never lose yourself to anything or anyone.

#lifeistooshort #takechances #noregrets #letitflow #letitgo #peacebewithyou #CheCheHappens

Here are a few other ways to style distressed jeans.

Happy Thoughts & Many Blessings!


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